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Circuit Superstars Patch v1.1.0 is live!



Hello, drivers!

We’ve spent the past month taking a breath and working on improvements we knew would make your racing experience better! You might remember if you read last week’s post on The Road Ahead, that we listed a few items as coming very soon. Well, great news, soon is now! With this update we are certain we will turn your world upside down. 😉

What is in Patch v1.1.0?

NEW: Reverse Tracks

Sometimes just a flip in perspective can significantly change our experience, so we can’t wait to hear about and watch your races on the new roster of reverse routes in the following tracks:

· Whistle Valley

· Sugar Hill

· Maple Ridge

· Rennvoort

· Copperwood GP

· Copperwood Club

· Tilksport GP

· Tilksport Club

· Interstate

· Siena

NEW: Steam Invites

Friends, rejoice! You’ll now be able to invite friends into a game directly from the Steam friends overlay.

NEW: Screen Space Steering

We have introduced an optional control option for players who would prefer for the car to steer with direction relative to the screen. Some players find this more accessible than the default driving scheme.

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Replays now save on Xbox.

  • Xbox Series X|S – Tire marks are now visible.

  • Sound improvements on Xbox (decreasing the possibility of a crackling sound experienced by some players).

  • Fixed an issue in which AI would sometimes not pit correctly.

  • Fixed case of Whistle Valley corner cutting.

  • Fixed Magdalena respawning issues.

  • Fixed Performance issues on Siena, Lost Lagoons, and Faenza.

  • Bumped max laps to 99 on PC.

  • Rotated Siena's perspective.

  • Fixed bug where Euro Truck AI would take wrong path in Buffalo’s Mini Circuit.

We hope you enjoy this update! Let us know what you think in the comments.

The next priorities the OFG team has been focusing on are:

  • New gameplay feature: Slipstream.

  • Improvements to AI race craft.

  • Online - Improvements to synchronization and collisions.

  • Online– Play while you wait - You’ll be able to play other game modes or customize your cars and driver as you wait for an online game. This will result in fuller lobbies.

  • Practice Mode - To help you get familiar with tracks and hone in your driving line, you’ll be able to enter an endless practice session with your choice of car and track combination, racing vs your previous best time.

  • Single Player & local co-op In-race restarts.

  • New car, new track, new category!

As mentioned on our previous post, this list is focused on key priorities. We have a wider backlog of features and suggestions that we constantly evaluate. So, if something you really want to see isn’t listed here, it doesn’t mean we won’t get to it. We take community suggestions seriously, so if you are not yet on the Discord server, consider joining us there!

Thank you, fellow racers! See you on the racetrack.

OFG Team

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