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The Hot Ride Summer Patch is LIVE!

From the clouds of dust of the new & infamous Poke Bowl to the classic shores of Copperwood, this patch brings a wave of fresh content and ladders to climb!

Hello, Drivers!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Summer Patch! We’ve put a lot of work into this latest update, from new content to features that we’ve been excited about for a long time. It’s your turn to tell us what you think! Let’s dig into what we have in store for you.

New Content

Introducing: Tubular Sprint Car

These roaring beasts bring on a whole new challenge for Circuit Superstars drivers. They thrive in their native Poke Bowl but we can’t wait to see what kind of combinations you will have fun with!

New Track: Poke Bowl

Welcome to the Poke Bowl! A sunny destination on the coast of Hawai'i, home of the Tubular Sprint Cars! This incredibly short and fast oval is an addition unlike anything we’ve done before.

New Track: Sunny Side Park

This elegant circuit was designed to be a didactic space, a perfect starter track for new drivers that is sure to deliver stunningly fast races for experienced drivers, as well.

New Features

Player Card

Your player card is now displayed in the Main Menu and during the start of online races. Your card lists your rank across Grand Prix, Online and Weekly Time Trials.

Online Ranked Progression

Compete against others online to earn points and rank up the ladder. There are 20 ranks, leading all the way up to the last rank: Superstar!

This new system will need your feedback and tuning as we prepare to introduce seasons soon. Be sure to let us know what you think!

Time Trial Ranks

These challenges now contribute to a Time Trial Rank, shown on your Player Card. Competing each week adds points to your rank and gives you a new result each week as you compete vs other players worldwide.

Grand Prix Progression Update

We revisited the design of this feature by adding new tournaments, improving the existing ones and adding a ranking system. You earn rank points by completing tournaments in different difficulties.

We also added a new system to unlock tournaments as you progress.

Note: If you have completed the GP mode before, there is a button to reset GP progress under the Extra Settings in the Settings menu.

Saved Tournaments

You can now exit tournaments and your progress will be saved from the last race you completed.

Names Above Cars

Cars now feature player name tags above them, while the active player has an arrow indicating where they are. These can be seen in the podium, gameplay and replays!

This feature can be toggled by default with right bumper / right shift.

Performance optimization

We have made significant performance improvements to our tracks and rendering. Players on lower end machines should experience improved performance.

Graphical improvements to tracks

Lighting reworked as part of the optimization process.

  • Rennvoort has flowers again.

  • Most dirt surfaces now receive tire marks.

  • Improvements to water lighting.

Other Adjustments

  • Maximum Slipstream distance reduced from 45 to 35.

  • Maximum Slipstream strength reduced by 15%.

  • Car collision physics tuned, reduced torque resistance by 17%.

  • New UI Sound Effects.

  • Wider camera lens at top speed.

  • Settings are now accessible in the Pause Menu

We are so excited to race with you and hear what you think of our latest work! Thank you for playing Circuit Superstars, it’s an honor to make art that brings you joy.

See you on the racetrack!

Love, OFG Team



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