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Circuit Superstars Roadmap

Hello, drivers!

Two important news today!


We have a lot of exciting updates planned for Circuit superstars in the new year. The roadmap below shows approximately when we’re planning to get these updates to you! Not everything we will do is here, these are major features that will drive our priorities, but we also have a backlog of your suggestions as well as our own ideas for the game.

As we move forward, we will keep looking at our backlog and pick the best features to work on as we develop these bigger systems. Additionally, it's important to note that these priorities might change, some things may come before others. We will continue to update this roadmap as we move forward, so you always know what to expect next!

And as always, a reminder that we take community suggestions seriously, so if you are not yet on the Discord server, consider joining us there!

Patch v.1.2.1

We have been working on an exciting update that lands next Thursday, December 16th! Improved online systems, stock cars, our first oval and drafting are among the gifts you are getting for Christmas from us!

These are game changing updates. Are you excited? We are too! We hope to see you on the racetrack to experience all that is coming to Circuit Superstars next week.


OFG Team



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