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Nintendo Switch Release, Patch Notes and More!

Dear drivers,

We are wholeheartedly happy to release Circuit Superstars on Nintendo Switch this June, 21st (tomorrow!). Thank you for your excitement for this version of our love-letter to motorsport, we can’t wait for you to see it. At Original Fire Games, we have felt that the cozy aesthetic of Circuit Superstars really fits the hand-held format, and we’ve been so eager to get this version out to players, especially to those that have waited until now to come check out the game. Get Circuit Superstars on Nintendo Switch

Alongside the Nintendo Switch release, we will release version 1.5.0 of Circuit Superstars on all platforms. This update includes several features, changes and bug fixes; you’ll find the patch notes below. For those that followed our dev journals earlier this year, you’ll see that some changes we’ve made are not available in this update yet. Rest assured that those changes will come on our next patch. We've also added the patch notes of the NEXT update below.

As part of the release on Nintendo Switch, player ranks will be reset. This way, both new and seasoned players will have a chance to test their skills once again as they move through the ranks!

And for other exciting news, we are releasing our latest DLC, the Top Gear: The Stig Challenge expansion. We had fun crafting this and can’t wait to hear what you think!


Version 1.5.0 Patch Notes (RELEASED JUNE 21st):

  • New layout: Thunder Point Club

  • Added support for the Top Gear Stig Challenge DLC

  • Added a new vehicle class option: "Dynamic". When Dynamic is chosen, human players may choose any vehicle. AI drivers will match the vehicle classes chosen by humans.

  • Improved handling of analog steering inputs when using car-space controls.

  • Improved the color picking experience in the Garage.

  • Increased the number of customization slots on drivers and vehicles from 5 to 10.

  • Wall riding penalties are now applied when crossing the line even if the wall ride has not yet stopped.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent certain online functionality from working.

  • Added an initial loading bar.

Version 1.6.0 Patch Notes (NEXT UPDATE):

  • New Cars as DLC

  • Free play has all the options available on Custom Lobbies and no longer has settings hidden in a sub menu

  • Made the players off the podium follow order from left to right

  • Moved the quali start further down the track for a shorter warmup

  • Made post race screens longer (1 more second) per community request

  • We added the full race standings with a toggle (Tab on keyboard, left bumper on gamepad)

  • Shortened the respawn delay from 1s to 0.75s

  • Shortened pre-race grid shot from 12 seconds to 9.5

  • Changed the wear value adjustments from 25% increments to 5% for more granularity and to help organizers design events more thoroughly

  • Local races now have a prompt to continue or save & quit.

  • Additionally, this shows that free play is also getting saved progress, so players can now make custom tournaments that they play through multiple sessions

  • Positions gained / loss visible on race standings and tournament standings table

  • Best lap time indicator added to the race results

  • All 3 colors of the driver's car are now shown on the race results

  • We have been working on a free roaming camera feature on Replays for all of you content creators. We know you've wanted to freely move around the tracks of CS and craft the coolest shots and photos imaginable.

  • We have a new Custom AI difficulty feature, that can make them faster than Superstars, and we also have a new AI modding tool, which you'll be able to use to create your own AI rosters.

    • This is a new system that aims to improve the player experience by adjusting the AI skill in real-time based on how well human players are performing in a race.

    • Depending on the human player's standing on a race, the AI will make an adjustment to either slow down or speed up, increasing the chances that humans will have AI competitors close to them through the race. The system is highly active in lower difficulties where player skill can vary widely in a short amount of time, and it is inactive in the higher difficulties where it is expected that player skill is a lot more stable.

We will announce the release date for Patch 1.6.0 as soon as we have it.

We can’t wait to see new players on the racetrack racing alongside all of you who have been with us from the start. We really love you and are grateful for all of your support.

Love and gratitude, OFG Team


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