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Circuit Superstars Spring Patch (v1.3.1) is OUT NOW!

Ah, there is the sweet smell of spring again,

fresh blossoms, a tinge of rain and…burned rubber?!

*screeching wheel sounds

Hello, drivers!

We made it! Spring is here and with it our latest and most impactful patch yet! Below you will find all the details of what we have in store for you for patch 1.3.1. Plus, Circuit Superstars is on sale! Now is the time to join the paddock and bring your friends with you!

New Features & Changes

Improved Physics Model

We made significant improvements to how cars react to external forces, which enhances close racing, helps with online racing synchronization, and improves the experience of racing against AI.

We want you to know how excited we are about this change. It's by far the most exciting and impactful change we have made on Circuit Superstars, and it’s the result of thorough analysis, hours of scribbling physics dynamics on papers and discussing as a team how to approach our key problems. We are very happy with the solution, and we can’t wait to see how this impacts the experience of existing racers as well as new drivers entering the world of Circuit Superstars.

Custom Private Lobbies

One of the clearest goals in the vision for the future of Circuit Superstars is that we want to empower competitive communities. A pillar towards achieving that vision is Custom Lobbies, and we are so glad to be introducing this feature with update 1.3.1.

Under the Online options, you’ll see a new button called “Create Online Lobby”. This space will allow you to organize your own events just as you would on Free Play. Your friends or competitors that you want to race with can join your event via a lobby code/invite.

We are so excited to see what kinds of competitions you will organize! Discord is a great place to share your organized streams and events.

UI Refinement

We made notable improvements across the front end UI.

PlayStation improvements

We made significant improvements to Circuit Superstars on PlayStation.

  • Anti-Aliasing

  • Ambient Occlusion

  • Tire Marks are now visible.

Reverse track cameras

We added reverse cameras to tracks that previously didn’t have them.


NEW CAR: Road Rebel

The name of the car describes the attitude of the new category: Touring cars are here to set a new driving benchmark on every track in Circuit Superstars.

NEW OVAL: Speedopolis

Who would not love to golf peacefully while a pack of single seaters drives by at full speed? Well, actually, the real question is who would not want to be ON a single seater driving at full speed by calm golfers? NO ONE!

Join the pack on our new track: Speedopolis! An entirely new challenge on Circuit Superstars.

NEW ROAD COURSE: Thunder Point

A fast paced track that will challenge your skills with any car, Thunder Point is our latest thrilling destination.


We added 2 new Grand Prix Tournaments: Stock CarGP and Touring GP.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues with disconnecting / reconnecting to lobbies.

  • Penalties now appear correctly online.

  • Added specific reverse cameras to all tracks as in some cases cameras behaved weirdly on reverse layouts.

  • Various UI bugs in the Front End.

  • Some modal dialogues had "-" instead of appropriate text.

  • Removed large black borders in split screen.

  • Addressed an issue where the game would stutter while saving a new Time Trial time.

  • Loading screens are now black instead of white

  • Fix an issue where music volume setting was not respected

PlayStation Bug Fixes

  • Fixed distorted sound on PS4 and PS5.

  • Fixed issues with Time Trial Leaderboards on PS4.

  • Music settings are now respected on PS4.

  • Removed empty Video settings on PS5

Thank you to all the players that participated in our public betas leading to this patch. Your feedback and testing helped us so much! With this update on your hands, we now turn our attention to the Q2 Patch, and we will be sharing an updated roadmap soon.

Some closing words from the team,

It’s now been a year since Circuit Superstars came out on Early Access in March of 2021. Then we released it on Xbox and PC on October 12th, followed by a PlayStation release on January 27th. These are dates that we put on our press kits as facts. We also talk about them in the context of how big of an achievement it has been for our team to have accomplished those goals. But, as we reflect back on the last year, the gaps between all of those dates are the most meaningful, because they are packed with days, weeks, months of doing the hardest, most exhausting and rewarding work of our lives.

During those in-between days, we’ve read your feedback, tested with you, we’ve discussed and made new features, prototyped, evaluated and implemented improvements that you’ve seen come out in increments in between all of those big milestones. We know that you, like us, see a great future for Circuit Superstars, and we wanted to reassure you that during these periods of quietness, of seeming stillness, a lot is moving within the game and the studio. Our vision has been a beacon we keep moving closer to, and we want you to know you’ve been essential company on the journey there. Thank you, drivers!

SO! What are you waiting for? A brand new Road Rebel awaits in your garage, will you meet us at Thunder Point? LET’S GO!


OFG Team



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