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Circuit Superstars Winter Patch is LIVE!

Improved online systems, stock cars, our first oval, drafting and more!

Mmm, hot chocolate, sweet bread, the smell of douglas fir and the sound of slot cars as they loop around a track in the living room. By the tree, gifts await, for the elves of OFG have been reading all your letters and suggestions. Let’s open your presents!

Circuit Superstars Winter Patch is here!

We have been working on several new features and content that we believe will have a huge positive impact on your experience of Circuit Superstars! From fuller lobbies to the depth added through the new drafting mechanic, this patch introduces an evolved version of the racing game that has brought us all together.

Gameplay & Modes

New Feature: Drafting (Slipstream)

We’ve added a drafting system to the gameplay of Circuit Superstars. Drafting or slipstreaming is an aerodynamic phenomenon where a car driving close behind another car will be pulled forward by a low-pressure zone created by the car in front as it pushes air out of the way.. The player behind will receive a speed boost, providing key opportunities for overtakes.

You’ll be able to find a new setting under the Advanced Settings of Free Play, where you’ll be able to customize the % rate of drafting you want in a custom scenario. Additionally, we have revised the Grand Prix tournaments and Online Events to include drafting. We are excited to hear how this changes your experience!

New Mode: Practice

To help you get familiar with tracks and hone in your driving line, you’ll be able to quickly enter an endless practice session with your choice of car and track combination, racing vs your own session ghost.

Single player & local co-op in-race restarts.

You can now easily restart a race from the pause menu.

Online Improvements

Improvements to synchronization and collisions.

We made significant improvements to the online gameplay experience of Circuit Superstars. The changes will have an impact on the experience of collisions, close contact racing, and how other cars appear on your screen. The game now has better handling of suboptimal network conditions, so overall your experience should be more reliable and, most importantly, more competitive.

We tested these changes with our amazing community (thank you, everyone!) and we saw that our improvements made an impact across the board. We can’t wait to hear what your experiences are.

Join In Progress Games

To help find full races more quickly we have made significant changes to our matchmaking. Now when you queue to find a game if there is an ongoing race that’s nearly done you will automagically join it. Whilst you wait for the next race to start you can do whatever you like (time trials, garage customization, etc.). You will automatically be moved to the race when it’s ready.

Additionally you can join your friends whilst they are playing online at any time using the invite functionality. If they’re in a lobby you will join it. If they are in a race then you will automatically join them when they reach the next race. Magic!🧙


Introducing: Bullseye Speedway

Precision, persistence, endurance. These are some of the skills you will need to master to battle for the lead on our first ever oval in Circuit Superstars!

Introducing: Impact & Stock Cars category

What a better way to accompany the release of Bullseye Speedway than with the introduction of stock cars to Circuit Superstars? While the Impact is a beast that runs free on ovals, soon you will see that this new addition to our roster will challenge your skills with every existing track.

We also accompanied the Impact with plenty of new liveries for you to lead the charge in style.

Drafting, Stock Cars and a robustly competitive online experience. The only thing between you and the race track is that PLAY button. Are you ready? Join us on the race track!

Happy holidays, drivers!


OFG Team



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